A Roll of the Dice



"All in all, really well designed, and one of the nicer concepts I have seen!"

"Also, just the amount of times you will want to see the new card art, or try a brand new tactic you may have thought of will also add to the replay value. I would say this is one of the best versions of a re-playable game I have reviewed so far."

"It was original, fun, and brought a life to the game that we did not have in other games."


Across the Board Games


"Ophidian Wars was an engaging tactical card game with easy to learn rules. I especially enjoyed the movement element, and switching between zones was always fun. Drafting your gladiators was great and lead to tension as we realized early on what the other player’s strategy would be and prepped for it."


Blog Critics 


85/100: "Ophidian Wars is an exciting new take on classic combat card games."


B-Team Podcast 


"The artwork on the cards is spectacular."
"It was my game of the show." 
"If it can a get good foundation and support, I think we'll be hearing about this game for years to come."


Gaming Nonsense Uncensored 


Picked to be part of their "Innovative Games" discussion.  


"To me, this game...well, I am pissed off with how good it is."

(you'll have to listen to know why) :)

Starts around 19:00 minute mark