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So what the heck is this?

Ophidian Wars is a strategic futuristic gladiator combat game, of course.  It's played with a deck of cards that you customize (pick 5 gladiators, 10 arsenal items, and 25 maneuvers).   The game can also be optionally enhanced with custom Ophidian Wars 3D-printed minis. 


Is it collectible? 

Not by the common card-game definition, no.  There is no rarity or randomness baked in to the Core Deck.


How big is the Core Deck?

The Core Deck is 68 cards.


Will there be expansions?

Yes.  Given some support, expansions will be rolled out to enhance the customization, introduce new gladiators, plot lines (and such), while fueling change/adaptation to tournament play.   An 18-card mini set is already being designed.


What are the core features?

  • "The Flow" is a unique Ophidian Wars game mechanic that uses positive and negative actions to dictate which player can take actions. Thus, there are  structured phases - just controlling the flow of battle. 

  • You can enhance the look/feel game with 3D-printed high detail minis, or just play with cards.

  • The futuristic gladiator setting allows for unique resources, such as "Cheer" and "Adrenaline" that reflect the manic atmosphere of a popularized bloodsport. 

  • The lore and the gameworld span a variety of tastes, from high-tech constructs, to barbaric demons, to spectral elementals, and augmented mutants.   Put them in an arena and watch the fireworks.


What's your cred?

Ophidian Wars is a spinoff of Ophidian 2350 CCG, a well-received/highly rated card game from over a decade ago. The game never made it to it's first expansion due to Fleer going out of business, and looming lawsuits from "the game company who shall not be named." With a small-but-loyal following, even after a decade, I put my design hat back on and got to work. New art, the addition of minis, streamlined mechanics, a bit of polish, and no more "collectible" aspects - and here we are!   I consider myself an amateur just trying to put my best first game out there.


What's the status?

The game is currently print-on-demand.   With early player/reviewer reactions being very strong, I am now looking at my options - hoping to match up with a publisher, or take the expansion development to Kickstarter. 


For how many players?

Generally speaking, the game is centered around 2 player (1 v 1) gameplay.   That said, we believe the game is well suited for 3 player free-for-alls, and 4 player (2 v 2) as well.   We plan on providing alternate rules, as needed, for 3-4 players.

Just be prepared for longer matches!


How long are typical matches?

New players are clocking in around 45 minutes, experienced players are closer to 30 minutes. 


And what about those minis I keep seeing?

Minis are awesome, and for those that are interested, all current gladiators and arsenal items can be 3D printed.   I wanted to allow the option to let players enhance their Combat Field, and provide painters/mini enthusiasts a new option.   They are purely for fun, collectibility, and if you grow attached to certain characters/gear, it's another way to spice up the arena. 


Who will like this game?

My best assessment is that this game will appeal to players that enjoy a gritty "gloves off" last-man-standing game, and mid-high strategy levels. It can also well for groups that enjoy competition and customizing decks/teams.     One of my personal goals was also to allow for a smooth 2 v 2 experience, as well.