The Gladiators

Quevor Monzimor

Elli Tersa


Nicholai is made up of millions of nanites functioning as one entity. He is highly versitile, adapting to most environments.  His swarms of nanites are known for rapid deconstruction of opponent's gear.  Nicholai believes himself a god and the essence of perfection.  Failure results in a reboot. 



She is what's known as a "Souldblader" - that is, one who can summon and enchant weapons by channeling the power of her ancient bloodline. She fights in the arena to appease the Ophidians in a cruel arrangement - to protect her family and planet from further abuse. In an epic battle with Macabre, he injured her right eye to a point where it needs permanent surgical enhancement. That has not gone unforgotten.



Opac is known to be one of the leaders of the Shadow Rakaram, a tight-nit and mysterious organization whose exact numbers are unknown. It is suspected that the Shadow Rakaram aims to undermine the Ophidian network.  Opac is a unique Spectral, composed of a rare semi-solid core matter.  He has some ability to alter his body structure and shape, making him difficult to target from a distance and very lethal up close.  His planet of origin is the same as LaSinja, and they rised through similar ranks. 



Big, bad, and vicious – like many of his Mutant species. He is a brute with highly-effective body modifications and regenerative abilities.  When the recent wars ended, he began offering his services to the highest bidder. On his try-out in the Ophidian Wars he battled La Sinja, he lost the match, but she took serious damage to her right eye. And due to his performance, and a quickly growing fan base, he was instantly acquired to bring his wrath to the battlefield.



Bounty hunter, demon, weapons expert - that's Scathe. He is deadly up close and also is capable of ranged precision. He was drawn to the arena while tracking another gladiator (Stranger), who's identity is most secret. He uses the fame and exposure to open doors and cloud his real motives.  Scathe is especially popular in the outer circuits, where his precision kills are often gambled upon.  There are rumors of him working with Arkzilipul, an unusual pairing, but that connection remains unproven.



Version 9.1

Far more machine than man, Version 9 represents the final outcome of one of many experiments to create the perfect soldier. In his former life as a soldier, he had an admirable career, but he has regressed more and more with time towards his in-human nature. In the arena, Version 9 continues his life after being retired from service 50 years ago by providing a level of violence unheard before his entry. After a brutal beating at the hands of Arkzilipul, Version 9 was almost without repair as human parts had to be replaced with the most advanced Pol-tec technology, turning him into a cybernetic killing machine, and to reflect that change from that day on, Version 9 was no more, now he was Version 9.1.



Ryla is a physically gifted and professionally trained demon warrior.   Her rise to success and fame was rapid, as she quickly learned that center-circuit crowds loved her flashy finishing moves.  Her demeanor outside of the arena is known to be quite reserved, likely due to the majority of her life being in training, rather than a volitile demon dimension.   Some believe the rumors that her soul isn't demonic at all, and that she carries the essence of legendary champion. 



Arkzilipul is from a fierce and chaotic demon dimension, and enjoys nothing but inflicting agony, depression, and torment on lesser beings. He has the ability to suck the life out of mortal creatures, and also relies on demonic relics for additional strength. Simple-minded, and consumed by life's simple vices, there is still no disputing his brutality in the arena. Long-time fans know to avoid front row seats in lesser arenas when Ark is fighting, unless you want to be his personal shield. 



He was a top general in an elite military force. In a routine exercise, his team's vehicle was hit and several members were killed. Maximillian was nearly killed as well, but was rebuilt and saved, using cybernetics. It was never revealed that he and his men were hit with friendly fire because of a superior's order. The incident was instead blamed on Maximillian for purposely entering the area and disobeying orders, and he lost his title and honor. He fights in the arenas to gain the support and trust of the people, so that he may regain his former glory and expose the truth.  He is heavily armored, strong, and skilled with most weaponry.   Nearing the end of his career in the arena, he's already a legend, and shows no signs of losing a step.



Todum is a powerful spectral - a towering mass of stone, and a near-impenetrable core. With no inherent inclination to fight for sport, It's rumored that the Ophidians have leveraged the turmoil on Todum's home planet to force him to the arena. And what before was a calm creature, now mashes his opponents with a cold determined stare. It's been noted that Todum has a dislike of constructs, and prefers to throw weapons rather than wield them.



Not a single part of David Dangers hasn’t been tattooed pierced, and modified at least twice, except for his face which he keeps mostly clean for the ladies. David lives on the razor’s edge and has an infecting craziness that skirts the line between quirky and insane.   His incredibly high talent, well-balanced abilities, and ability to help his team make a comback have built up an immense fan base.  Fun to be around and watch in a match, Freakshow is a likable favorite and the current Ophidian Wars Champion.



The Stranger

This mysterious mutant appears to feed off anger. So little is known of his origins that fans only know him as Stranger.  His motives are unknown and beneath his cloak, appears to lurk something quite disturbing.   Gaining an underground following, his recent matches have showcased an incredible ability to regenerate in-match, when apparently dead and dormant.   He's been reported as taking the full brunt of attacks early in a match, only to return at the end to claim victory.


OGN (Ophidian Gladiatorial News Service) and some outside sources have spotted the Stranger and Opac together outside the arenas, but it’s unknown at this time their current role.


Quevor Monzimor

A overt and unusually jovial warlord, Quevor has a large inner circuit fan following.   He gives the fans what they want, typically

with large hammers and other brutal melee weapons.    In a well-known, often-quoted interview, Quevor was noted as referring

to blood as "jelly" which became a very "sticky" nickname in the arena.    He is thought to be one of the highest-paid and most 

frequently sponsored combatants. 


Elli Tersa

An intergalactic criminal, Elli is not one for chit chat.   Her biological makeup is her primary weapon, with hyper-invasive corrosive venom coursing through her veins.   Up close she's known for palming opponent's skulls - while from afar she'll spray bolts of corrosion around the arena.   Contact with her small fan base has resulted in multiple deaths.   On one notable occassion she shook the outstretched hand of an eager fan, who's face instantly exploded.