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A fast-paced, stategic tabletop game with futuristic gladiator Combat







Ophidian Wars lets you customize A team of gladiators, equip them with a unique arsenal, and train them with your favorite maneuvers.  Welcome to the Arena!


Cards are required / minis are Optional



10/20/2016: 'Thank you' note

5/2/2016: CT FIG!

3/4/2016: What's the deal?

2/27/2016: New art in gallary

8/18/2105: Reviews are in!

7/27/2015: Core deck for $12

7/6/2015: Understanding Flow

6/29/2015: What do you get in each deck?

6/20/2015:  First deck build added

6/16/2015: Variant rules added to rulebook

6/2/2015: Updated demo decks!

5/29/15: Sexy Tutorial Video! 

5/18/15: Galaxy Map added

5/10/2015:  Two gladiators revealed! 

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