Drafting a Fearsome Team

Folks have a lot of fun constructing their teams in Ophidian Wars - it's a crucial piece - understanding how to pick 5 gladiators that have a winning combination of abilities/stats, and work well with your play style.

If your an "innovator" type of player, you'll find joy in forming teams that are thematically enjoyable and powerful. I've seen players build teams centered around 1 gladiator getting the spotlight, "tank" teams that bring heavy armor and high health, "assassin" style teams that send in high damage attackers from the flank, and more.

Ultimately, you'll find whatever team works best for you! But in the meantime, if you'd like ideas for how to build a team with some thematic flare and true power, I will be releasing builds that have been tested and proven worthy. The first one is "Roid Rage" which you can check out here - and I'll be uploading other powerful builds from both the designer's mind and from players.


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