Never Underestimate a Newb



I have to share this story from Connecticon. Sometimes people just amaze me.

I was demoing a woman, her first game of Ophidian Wars - we had been playing about 5-10 minutes. I had 3 gladiators to her 4, but mine were nearly all at full health and better equipped.

She didn't seem to be doing many big combo chains in the early game. Effective enough, and good for her first try, but nothing too scary.

Then she says, "okay I hold on, I have some combos, I think." I say "okay take your time." She's pondering, I am starting to wonder if she's confused by a card or something. Then it happens...

She plays Nano Recoil Grid (damage your own gladiator to gain cheer) - creates a second raging gladiator with the damage - makes her Tactical Regroup (+) flow for 4 points of healing, explodes her Mozier Mine (mass damage), drinks Topine Tea for more healing and Adrenaline, uses Freakshow's ability to heal more, Spare Parts brings back the Mozier Mine, explodes it again (more mass damage, now I have two gladiators near death), draws Mindlash and plays it, then uses Scathe's special ability to hit my attack row, killing one of my gladiators, then attacks with Scathe (raging now of course) for 6 attack damage, killing my other gladiator. Now it's 4 on 1 (!) and am sitting with only a half-dead Macabre. Meanwhile she has Opac and a guy in the Flank taking zero damage from the Mozier Mines so they are nearly at full health.

I look at my hand and forfeit. Absolutely amazing. One of the best combos I've ever seen executed in OW, and she had been playing no more than 10 minutes.

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