How Can you PLay?

Currently, you can aquire Ophidian Wars decks and minis at the following online shops:

In our Game Crafter store you can aquire our Ophidian Wars (Core Set) Deck.


This all you need to play Ophidian Wars and get a taste of the action.  Contains 15 Gladiators, 18 Arsenal Items, and 36 Maneuvers to customize your team.

In our Shapeways shop. you can acquire our Ophidian Wars miniatures.  Bring your game to the next level and enjoy some of the finest 3D printed minis available. 


These are currently optional for play.   Think of them as an upgrade, and especially suited for mini enthusiasts and painters! 

What do you get in a deck?

Our Partners



Looking for unique kickass 3D printed dice?  These 

are a perfect fit for your Ophidian Wars arena.